Piracy – theft of personal data or path to popularity?

It has been said that illegal downloading of music is interferes with the release of license disks. But European Joint Research Center has come to the conclusion that the musical industry doesn’t suffer from piracy at all. Moreover, illegal downloading can make good to these or those performers as spreads it works among those people who for some reasons can’t buy licensed production.

How comes it?

Earlier the statistics for illegal downloading was traced, considering that each of such file will push licensed discs out of the market. But it turned out that is not really true. A research was shown that the people who have downloaded pirated audio files in any case wouldn’t buy licensed production even if they don’t have any Internet access. But true aficionado and fans would still purchase a license disk. Therefore pirated copying, which scale it would not take, does not harm the music industry. At the same time, there are different methods of how to download torrent anonymously that helps to remain in shadow and become impossible to be traced. According to statistics the downloading of music is on the second place in the world after video files and often this download was made anonymous. The VPN services are frequently used for this reason. You can also choose VPN service by visiting the Anta.net website where you will be able to find most suitable option from various VPN providers.

Despite expressive conclusions, researchers don’t justify piracy, they just establish the fact that it doesn’t harm the musical industry, and even stimulates sales in many respects.

When piracy can be “useful”?

Of course it is difficult to call the illegal copying useful, but in certain cases it capable to become some element of promotion. It can be relevant to new, still little-known performers. Very few people will buy disks of novelties about who they have no idea. But, after downloading songs and albums, the person becomes better acquainted with them and perhaps in future will buy the licensed production.

Some performers even exploit piracy purposefully. They post at the Internet own works in order that listeners could get acquainted with their creations. Mostly new groups do such a thing but sometimes famous performers don’t shun the “free access” too. They consider that it doesn’t make a trouble if many people have downloaded their music from the Internet. A trouble, if people don’t do so. According to many musicians, such “availability” attracts more fans.

Whom does piracy really hurt?

Conclusions of European Joint Research Center concerning the harm of audio piracy have deeply touched the Federation of soundtracks producers. Its officer has spoken that piracy causing damage to the owners of rights in any way because the people, who have an opportunity of free music download, hardly will buy it.

Important to not forget that piracy with all its positive sides is a breach of the law. Yes, it is rather simple to bypass all blocking and restrictions but there is no escaping the fact that piracy is a crime. Therefore all audio recording companies and researchers from European Joint Research Center urge users resort to it only in exceptional cases.