How to Install Electrical Cables In Buildings

The cable run through the building should always be done by professional hands as it requires a lot of work to be put in. The normal cost for this kind of wiring range from $100-$500 if all the equipment is provided. The overall usage of the electricity is on high all over the world so it is important that the standard is maintained. For commercial buildings, the wiring can take up to 30-45 days in total. The domestic projects require far less time. It is provided as a part of building services and therefore such services also have hired professionals to get the task done.

The electrical building services also require the professionals to dig trenches and therefore it means that such professionals should work as a handyman as well. Getting required circuit completed is a tough task and should only be performed by the ones certified for the work. The main electrical point i.e. the government or company supply can be located anywhere. It can be across the street a house apart or whatever the case is. The trench size should be small and it means less effort. The wiring cables should be of very high standards especially if it is a commercial project. The results could be fatal if this factor is not considered.

Take into consideration the regulations

It is important as different areas have different regulations and therefore these must be followed. From design to the erection of the electrical boards there are different things which are to be considered. Once the equipment has been installed the testing phase begins. This also requires full-time and specialized equipment which is certified. The responsible governments from all over the world try to certify such equipment so that it matches the standard. The government officials also visit the premises once the installation has been finished. These officials check the points by taking samples. Once they get satisfied the electrical installation is passed.

Color coding

Again the different types of colored wires are installed all over the world. The live, as well as neutral wires, have different colors. The conductors’ connections are different and the installation techniques are also not same at all.  The green conductor is used in the USA and on the other hand the UK requires green and yellow dotted insulation. CENELEC standards are followed in Europe. Whatever the case is the professionals hired by the government inspect the equipment and the wires that are being used. If the equipment does not meet the standards then the process is put on hiatus.

Mounting boxes

The boxes should be mounted keeping in view the run of the wires. The erection should be such that each and every floor has its own main power supply box. This power supply will allow easy troubleshooting and the load management becomes easy. If there is a basement then it is very important that the supply from the main line goes into it. The sub boxes are then erected on each floor.