Google+ & LinkedIn: The New Prospects For SMM In The B2B Segment

Google+ has transformed right in front of our eyes into a new great social network for business. The active audience was estimated at 300 million users as for the 1st quarter of 2015. According to this indicator Google+ is outperforming Twitter and Instagram.

By posting content or links to Google+, you have a slight, yet direct impact on its position in the search results. Firstly, it became possible thanks to the display of published posts in the feed of users that are in your circles Google+. In addition, Google+ supports publishing different types of content, including online video (and yes, YouTube belongs to Google).

The publication of announcements of content to your YouTube channel in Google+ is always a good idea. Links to Google+ affect the search results, so you increase the effectiveness of content marketing, previewing video in a social network, owned by the largest search engine in the world. Social signals, including links, likes, shares, comments, etc., are the gold nuggets for content marketers, as these are the crucial factors of determining the popularity and value of content. Google+ lets you create business brand pages. Users can subscribe to them and interact with them directly. Google Hangouts is another brilliant Google+ feature for B2B-marketers. This tool allows you to instantly arrange a videoconference; plus you can publish a recording of the conference on Google+ after its completion.

The massive use of Google+ for publishing entertainment content is the negative side of the platform as for for the implementation of B2B-marketing campaigns. Many users of the network ignore business messages, which reduces their value from a marketing perspective. In addition, the business is still not perceived as a serious Google+ marketing tool. The creators of the network have to invest additional resources in its development and positioning as a business resource. This is where LinkedIn is completely different.

LinkedIn – opportunities for professionals

LinkedIn finds itself comfortably among the most handy, efficient platforms for the implementation of marketing campaigns. Here you can quickly find potential customers in the B2B segment, as this exactly how the home for business people looks like. The audience of LinkedIn is estimated at 346 million users as for the 1st quarter of 2015. 42% of US social networks users with the annual income of $75,000+ tend to use this platform. HTP Digital, a first-class B2B digital marketing agency specialising in hi-tech businesses promotion, admits the cost-efficiency of advertising in LinkedIn outperforms other social media platforms by 19% on average.

You can use the network through personal communication and targeted advertising; while daily interaction with colleagues, partners and prospects in thematic groups are the key success factors of marketing on LinkedIn. Precise targeting is one of the main advantages of advertising on the social network for professionals. By publishing the ad, you can determine your target audience by geography, membership of a particular industry, demographic and professional criteria. A tool Lead Collection, which is an extension to the site, allows you to respond to leads are generated in real-time.