Piracy – theft of personal data or path to popularity?

It has been said that illegal downloading of music is interferes with the release of license disks. But European Joint Research Center has come to the conclusion that the musical industry doesn’t suffer from piracy at all. Moreover, illegal downloading can make good to these or those performers as spreads it works among those people who for some reasons can’t buy licensed production.

How comes it?

Earlier the statistics for illegal downloading was traced, considering that each of such file will push licensed discs out of the market. But it turned out that is not really true. A research was shown that the people who have downloaded pirated audio files in any case wouldn’t buy licensed production even if they don’t have any Internet access. But true aficionado and fans would still purchase a license disk. Therefore pirated copying, which scale it would not take, does not harm the music industry. At the same time, there are different methods of how to download torrent anonymously that helps to remain in shadow and become impossible to be traced. According to statistics the downloading of music is on the second place in the world after video files and often this download was made anonymous. The VPN services are frequently used for this reason. You can also choose VPN service by visiting the Anta.net website where you will be able to find most suitable option from various VPN providers.

Despite expressive conclusions, researchers don’t justify piracy, they just establish the fact that it doesn’t harm the musical industry, and even stimulates sales in many respects.

When piracy can be “useful”?

Of course it is difficult to call the illegal copying useful, but in certain cases it capable to become some element of promotion. It can be relevant to new, still little-known performers. Very few people will buy disks of novelties about who they have no idea. But, after downloading songs and albums, the person becomes better acquainted with them and perhaps in future will buy the licensed production.

Some performers even exploit piracy purposefully. They post at the Internet own works in order that listeners could get acquainted with their creations. Mostly new groups do such a thing but sometimes famous performers don’t shun the “free access” too. They consider that it doesn’t make a trouble if many people have downloaded their music from the Internet. A trouble, if people don’t do so. According to many musicians, such “availability” attracts more fans.

Whom does piracy really hurt?

Conclusions of European Joint Research Center concerning the harm of audio piracy have deeply touched the Federation of soundtracks producers. Its officer has spoken that piracy causing damage to the owners of rights in any way because the people, who have an opportunity of free music download, hardly will buy it.

Important to not forget that piracy with all its positive sides is a breach of the law. Yes, it is rather simple to bypass all blocking and restrictions but there is no escaping the fact that piracy is a crime. Therefore all audio recording companies and researchers from European Joint Research Center urge users resort to it only in exceptional cases.

Choosing Crane Equipment Properly

The niche of crane equipment provides an extremely wide range of options, each of which is designed to perform specific functions. Statistically, bridge cranes are the most commonly used devices (generally speaking, these are the most widely utilised designs as for industrial purposes, capable of solving myriads of problems).

Typically, the choice is made in favor of manual and electric bridge cranes, basic and pendant single girders and double-girder. As a rule, businesses prefer to order custom-made equipment, and the fact is confirmed by statistics: according to Granada Material Handling, a UK-based expert manufacturer of gantry hoist and overhead crane equipment, admits custom orders account for over 50% of projects. The market is quite saturated with the custom supply as the demands vary, and a universal solution is hardly implementable, as much depends on the particular requirements on quality production, delivery, installation, testing and many more.

Naturally, the range of future challenges is pre-negotiated with the client. In the case of individual projects, creating and installing of electric overhead traveling cranes, or any other type, the experts scrutinize particular areas and calculate dimensions of areas where the equipment is going to be utilised. Absolutely all equipment is created and delivered to the customer only after a detailed analysis of working conditions (and their change if applicable). Some businesses prefer ready solutions to custom in aspiration to press for cutting down the operational expenses; however, the cases where purchasing custom single-girder bridge cranes or electric double-girder overhead support with a proper calculation of its usage still remains a more beneficial option from the long run. Nevertheless, regardless of the case, in addition to design, creation and installation of the equipment, the customers take advantage of professional consultations. (more…)

What Stands Behind Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasonic method offers fast, high quality cleaning process and washes hard to reach areas. This ensures the replacement of highly toxic and expensive flammable solvents with plain water. With the help of high frequency ultrasonic vibrations you can clean an automobile carburetor or injectors within as little as a couple of minutes.

The reason for the acceleration in the treatment of cavitation lies phenomenon of emergence of tiny gas bubbles in liquid. These bubbles implode (explode) and create powerful hydrostreams that wash away all the dirt. With this principle in mind, large manufacturers, like UK-based Hilsonic, produce industrial ultrasonic cleaners (washing machines), baths and small cleaning devices. Ultrasound cleans metals from polishing pastes and precious stones from polishing places, it can easily clean the pipes of complex shapes. In addition to cleaning, ultrasound is capable of producing small burr removal and offer polishing of considerable quality.

Medicine & microbiology

Sonication in liquid media kills microorganisms and therefore it is widely used in medicine and microbiology. There is another implementation of the ultrasonic cleaning – the purification of smoke particles in the air. It will also use ultrasound effect on fog and smoke. The particles in the ultrasonic field are beginning to move, collide and stick together, then they are deposited on the walls. This phenomenon is called ultrasonic coagulation and is used to fight with fog on the ground, on the roads and seaports. (more…)

Industrial Lighting: Revolutionizing Industry By Industry

Industrial LED lighting is a decent energy-saving alternative to traditional incandescent lighting fixtures or discharge lamps. Industrial LED lighting boasts high light outputs with much lower power consumption, stability in almost any operating conditions and ability to easily withstand voltage fluctuations. When using LED lamp for industrial lighting you not only save on electricity, but also on the number of light points, cables and power machines. Industrial LED lighting fixtures do not contain mercury and do not require expensive disposal.

Industrial benefits

Why do commercial organizations make their choice in favor of LEDs technology? According to Metcraft Lighting manufacturers, a UK-based manufacturer concentrating its efforts on led street lights production, there is a good bunch of reasons for a business to join the LED race.

Thus, the maximum protection against dust and moisture and physical impact resistance are among the most vital industrial aspects. The degree of protection for industrial lighting fixtures is estimated at IP 65; they can be installed in areas with humidity above 98%, as well as in areas with high dust and extreme temperatures.

Resistance to voltage drops in the network is another dignity: the lamps are equipped with high-quality drivers, so that LED lighting industry operates stably in the range from 160 to 285 V.

The lenses allow to adjust the angle of the beam; thanks to them increases the possibility of using LED lamps in industrial lighting, for example, you can hang them to great heights, highlight any particular object, etc. (more…)

The Essential Technological Aspects of Flanges Production

Flanges represent flat or rectangular rings with evenly spaced holes for bolts and studs that are vital for a strong and tight connection of pipes, microwave waveguides and pipe fittings. Flanges are used for joining components to each other, connection with the machinery, apparatus and vessels, as well as for the connection of shafts and other rotating parts. Flanges are primarily designed for usage in pairs.

Flanges can be elements of pipes, fittings, shafts, housing parts, etc. These components in the form of individual parts are often welded or screwed to the endings of the parts. The shape of the sealing surface of the flange in the pipes depends on the pressure of the medium, profile and gasket material. Smooth surface with sealing gaskets made of cardboard, rubber and paronite are used at pressures up to 4 MPa (40 bar), the surface with a projection on one flange and hollow on the other with ANBO-metallic gaskets and paronite are used at pressures up to 20 MPa (200 bar), while flanges with a conical sealing surface are taken advantage of at pressures above 6.4 MPa (64 bar).

The material used for the manufacture of such parts is steel type 45 – high quality structural carbon steel. Nickel informs steel corrosion resistance, while high strength and ductility increase hardenability. Sulfur in its turn is considered to be harmful impurity, as it increases the abrasion steel reduces fatigue resistance and reduces the corrosion resistance. Phosphorus is also harmful impurities. Chrome is the cheapest and most abundant element, which increases the hardness and strength, decreases ductility and slightly increases the corrosion resistance. The large amounts of chromium make the steel stainless and provide stability of magnetic forces; copper increases the corrosion resistance.

Processing of metals is carried out under certain conditions. The set of indicators describing the conditions of the process of cutting is referred to as cutting conditions. Metal cutting is necessary to maintain proper regimes under which the power of the machine and the resistance of the cutting tool are used with maximum efficiency, high quality treatment provided, the highest performance and safe working environment are ensured.

The main cutting indicators include speed – V, supply – S and cutting depth.

Cutting speed V (m/min) is peripheral speed (m/min) of the most remote points from the axis of rotation of the tool of the cutting blade.

Supply, or S, is the feed path traversed by the tool relative to the workpiece (or vice versa) per unit time. Supply is measured in millimeters per minute (mm / min) or by one revolution of the workpiece or tool (mm/rev).Cutting depth is the thickness of the workpiece material (mm) cut off in one stroke.

The technological aspects mentioned are calculated by experts at production facilities. Thus, e.g. Alexandercomley, a reputed firm specializing in flanges manufacturing, creates a number of technological process documents, verified by engineers and equipment operators prior to integrating the process into production.