Top 3 Herbal Remedies for Depression

According to a fresh publication by Natural Health care Hub, St. John’s wort finds itself comfortably on top among the most efficient herbal remedies for depression. Its flowers are filled with red oily substance called hypericin – an all-sufficient component that shouldn’t be combined with pharmaceutical medicines (backfire results are possible). The reason for that is the influence of hypericin on the liver. The powerful ingredient activates the metabolism of cytochrome P-450 that dramatically speeds up the drugs processing and removal from the body. The standard dose of hypericin equals 300 milligrams of 0.3 per cent extracts of St. John’s wort three times a day.

Herbal remedies for depression – schizandra

Chinese magnolia vine, or schizandra, is another solid rep of herbal remedies for depression. The herb helps during severe stress conditions: it improves mood, helps to get rid of boredom. The action of schizandra supports the adrenal glands (helping to deal with stress inside the body, as the adrenal glands produce adaptogens). Another advantages of the drug are increased libido and impressive detoxification properties. A standard dose equals 500 mg twice a day (morning and afternoon). The medication should not take be taken in the evening, since this interferes with the initial goal – to act on the adrenal glands during periods when they are most active, in the daytime. (more…)